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embracingpanels whispered:
"It's probably all there, except that box John took. Think it's fried though. He used some kind of EMP device on it." who knows if anything was salvageable. "Think your bot can fetch it alone?" isn't really in the mood for running out there right now.

"Hm… True enough. I’ll call him."

He sat in silence for a bit…

"There. He should be here in about ten minutes with Blue and Orange…"

A sheepish look replaced that blank one.

"…It must be odd seeing us do that—messaging each other. I apologize for that, ah… I would think it was a tad odd were you doing it."

embracingpanels whispered:
"We left the body near my vault, want it?"

"Yes, presumably with everything that went with it. I can call the Party Escort Bot if you need it."

embracingpanels whispered:
"I don't get why Miss Priss would let them roam around. Maybe squashing them ain't as easy? I don't know." she took a glance to the doors worriedly. Just, really likes her remaining limbs. And living. "So they look a lot like the old ones? Do they got off switches or voice commands or something?"

"I’m not too sure. Every one of us has a core somewhere—some outside their bodies. If I could secure one and study it…"


Art Progression: Morbid

(2011- )

it started as a joke and it’s now an otp
that wonderful ship that you were like “yeah right” and now you are like “FUCKING DAMN IT” (via ashketchumwrites)
embracingpanels whispered:
Cat only smirked playfully after Morbid came back around, somehow it seemed totally human to space out like that. "Er." ahh the dad, normal people would shriek, she should regardless actually, but doesn't. Just a perfectly normal (and creepy) thing. "Hey. Mhm, not much else to day. I know they don't move at all if you're watching them, at least that's what John said. And they heh, my vault, it punched a hole in the wall and killed my lights."

"…That’s terrifying." Morbid gawked.

They were used as templates for early androids. Even Mortimer’s beta was made from one. Perhaps they mass-produced the things and never got around to finishing the project.

"I, can see why you were asking. I never thought about something burrowing into the walls… But I have panels here—I can squish them if need be, right?"

embracingpanels whispered:
"Like I don't even want to know who's arm that was." as long as it's not her's. What did he even do with that anyways? Makes a face, doesn't want to think about any of that. "John ripped a box out of it's head, think he was hoping to get some information out of it." accusing stare, "I swear he's hiding something, he was WAY too smart back there." She just watches his awkward staring. Was she talking to a wall or was he? Hah. Hah.

After a few minutes, Morbid seemed to be paying attention… And gave Cat an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I was only half paying attention—Ow!"

Sounded like he got a pinch too!

"…Anyway. You said he ripped a box… out of its head? Odd, very odd. Dad?"

The ghost materialized for Cat—Morbid still wasn’t capable of tangibly talking to him. He waved!

Nice to see you again. But getting back to the topic at hand, can you give me any more details?

embracingpanels whispered:
Continues rubbing the spot, "Me and John, we, well he, killed one. The fucker had a /human arm/ on it." mind blown.

"A human arm? On the android?"

That was troubling.

"I wonder why it would do that… Give me a moment."

He sat in a chair, and seemed to focus intently on the wall. His optics almost glossed over… Perhaps he was performing a search in his archives. A computer could only do so many things at once, after all.

embracingpanels whispered:
"There's some weird mannequin looking guys running around trying to stab people with needles." said flatly, hard to tell if she's worried, but it still doesn't surprise her. The pinch, however did! "Gah! I didn't mean anythin' by that I was just sayin'." she half mumbled, rubbing her arm.

"Yes, I’ve seen… Hm?"

Who was she talking to?

"…Erm, I’ve seen them. I looked through some old files and found out what they are, too. Though why they’ve activated is a mystery to me."

embracingpanels whispered:
"It's safe in here right? Like, /really/ safe?" totally done with this place she is, "If it weren't for you being all, nice and moralish I'd swear we've made a mistake making robots." she's quite worn out!

"Yes, it is ‘really’ safe." He chuckled.

"I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t."

Cat got a pinch on the arm! Looks like the local ghost didn’t appreciate her comment.

omnipotentapertureai whispered:
[Hardly my style. And why would I send such monstrosities out into your area?] she would of at least had the sense to make them more, complete. [I have gathered if you continuously watch them, they do not move. It may help.]

[I don’t know, worse has happened in the past.]

Way to work on that trust issue, guys.

[Thank you for the information. I hope you’re somewhere safe.]

omnipotentapertureai said: .. She tripped on her own accord.

"I still have the cameras, you know."

omnipotentapertureai whispered:
[Have you seen them?] that was concerning. Did he figure a way to handle them?

[Yes. I’ve seen them on the cameras. I thought it was your doing…]

Was that one around the corner? Oh…

omnipotentapertureai whispered:
One should probably warn Morbid. At least out of kindness, and the fact with the way things were going, he would be needed somehow. [Do not leave your morgue. No debate, please. I will also offer control of the panels back to you. For safety reasons.]

Goodness, that was alarming.

[The morgue has been locked down… Does this have anything to with the AI moving around? The skeletons?]