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embracingpanels whispered:
"Mm, Marine said someone gave her a virus." shrugs, "Just wanted to make sure you wouldn't, you know, catch it or whatever."

He frowned at her.

"Technically, I would not. But Cat… I do have friends there. If she infects her, she risks infecting the others as well. The Intelligence Sphere, the Emotion Sphere, Atlas and P-Body… And their new Space Sphere. Among others. The Neurotoxin generator, Disk Operating Extention…"

embracingpanels whispered:
Nods, "Yup." seems relieved!

"…Why?" He asked suspiciously.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Robots and stuff."

"If I am attached to any robots in your facility? Ah… Network speaking, no. I know that GLaDOS’ cores have a significantly hard time operating without her; it is not the case here. I am out of her range, and function as my own Central AI for this morgue. It’s older than she is, after all. Does that answer your question?"

embracingpanels whispered:
Takes a moment to consider how the drain manages with all that hair. Or if he sheds any? Does he? Eh. Never mind. "Are you attached to anyone, here? Like not /here/ but in my own universe, I mean."

"I’m, not quite sure what you mean. Could you clarify?"

embracingpanels whispered:
"Hey, Morbid?"


Looks like he had just gotten out of a shower. His hair was all wet.

thelogicsphere whispered:
"That would be fine. I always carry my pistol, though I can bring the rifle as well." Somehow, he managed not to mangle the thing. "If anything happens, and it will not, I will take full responsibility in keeping you safe. You have my word."

He looked to contemplate… More shoves from Dad.

"Well… I’ll, consider it."

He certainly looked nervous.

"You’re sure we won’t run into anyone?"

thelogicsphere whispered:
"Not far off from the wheat, there is a small pond. It is fairly secluded." He thought nothing of it, if he saw. "I have never seen anyone else there, and they would be heard long before, but I will not push it if you would rather not."

Logic might not be pushing him, but his father certainly was!

"If… we do go, can it be at night? Will you have a weapon with you?"

thelogicsphere whispered:
"I understand, I simply thought it to be worth it to ask" Still smiling, just slightly dissapointed. "Fishing, an anonymous required that I bring company and I thought to ask friends first. I would have eventually asked without need of anon, however"

"…Ah. That’s very nice of you."

Something shoved him, as if encouraging him.

"…Where, ah… Where do you plan on fishing?"

thelogicsphere whispered:
"Good morning to you, as well." Hes got the smile of a friendly salesman. A salesman of social activities. "I am planning to go on an outing of sorts and, while I would not be insulted if you said no, thought I might ask if you wish to accompany me."

His face fell. Outside… Ah…

"I erm… I’m flattered you would invite me. But I’m, admittedly terrified of the outside… What are you looking to get?"

unless-its-a-farm whispered:
Ellie was carrying an awful lot of stuff this week. She had a new addition to her arsenal, a long, rectangular black box: a rocket launcher. Not only that, but she carried her regular basket of goods in one hand; in the other, a huge pumpkin! "H-hey, Morbid~!" She says cheerfully as she places the pumpkin gently on the floor. How had she been carrying that with just one arm?? Her strength was coming back, it seemed.

That was… an alarming amount of strength in such a tiny body. 

"Good morning! Ah… Can I help with anything in particular?"

What on earth was that big box thing???

thelogicsphere whispered:
Knocknocknocknocknock! (Very politely, somehow)

A peek… And open doors! Mortimer looked happy to see him.

"Good morning, Cecil. Nice of you to visit."

kittiesandscience whispered:
"I'm scared to." she mumbled, "He's gon' lock me in my room /forever/." She got him a gift, maybe that would help.

If you keep hiding from him, it just might be forever. He sighed.

In either case, forever is a long time. Two, maybe three months, maybe. But trust you broke, and trust you’ll have to earn back. That takes time.

kittiesandscience whispered:
Nope, didn't work. "I wanted to really! But I couldn't leave. There were bad people." And playing with a kid her age? That was too good of a thing to pass up! "I'm sorry, really really sorry. Is Brother gon' be mad?"

I’m willing to bet that he’ll be furious. Vjeko answered bluntly.

We’re glad you’re alright, but it was a very irresponsible thing to do.

He folded his arms over his chest.

I suggest you go talk to him to make amends.

kittiesandscience whispered:
"I got gel all in it." feels bad for that, really liked her phone! "I'm really sorry, really!" Bounces the bag on her back, "I got stuff, Mr. Neuro took me and my friend to buy things." subject change! Did it work?

There was a face there. The Neurotoxin Generator was no friend of this ghost.

Don’t try and change the subject. You not letting the others know that you were safe is a very, very bad thing to do. 

kittiesandscience whispered:
Eep! "Don't be mad!" very very hushed, doesn't want Morbid or Brother to see her, yet. Fidgets! "I was having fun with my friend and then I got stucked there."

Still stern! Has to be—once a parent, always a parent…

Don’t you have a cellular phone? Or could have sent one of us a message saying you were alright?