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thelogicsphere whispered:
Logic smiled and let himself in, dragging the cart in and out of the way. Everything was covered by little sheets, but it was clearly a larger gift than usual. He was happy to accept a roll. "Thank you. My apologies for stopping by so unexpectedly."

"It’s quite alright—you’re lovely company. I’m just sorry he isn’t here to accept that. He spent a good half hour washing his face the other day." He chuckled.

What was in that cart!?

"I’m sure Lydia would be happy to hear Space is alright."

thelogicsphere whispered:
"No need to fuss over my being here, though I would not mind sticking around for a short while. I can always leave what I brought without seeing him, as well." Was that a big kitchen cart beside him?


What was in there!?

"Well, come in, come in. I had finished for the day in either case… Ah, you’re welcome to the rolls on the counter."

Looks like Morbid made use of that recipe! There was a dust of cinnamon on them.

thelogicsphere whispered:
As a lovely change of pace Logic was smiling as if everything was right in the world. If Morbid hadnt been an android, the hug he got could have bruised ribs. "It is good to be in such high spirits! I have come to see the Fact Sphere, if he is here."

What a grip! Ow! He didn’t think Logic was even capable of such strength.

"Craig isn’t here at the moment, no. He went out with Lydia not too long ago. Would you like to wait for him? I could make you some coffee if you would like."

thelogicsphere whispered:
Knock knock! There's someone, almost cheerfully, knocking on the door to the morgue!

Well, no wonder he was happy! Morbid opened the door and offered a hug.

A hug in this situation, yes.

"It’s good to see you in such high spirits."



"You can use whatever is in the cleaning cabinet… Why?"

embracingpanels whispered:
"Erm, yeah I suppose that would be, bad." that would crush Morbid if something did happen, she was sure. She gave him a smile anyways, "Still, maybe one day. No reason not to hope."

"…Right. Perhaps when he’s ready, he’ll let me know."

Morbid relaxed into the couch, hair in all sorts of messy.

"Family is a wonderful thing. From what he said, I was the only family he had. I only hope the relationship with your child is as strong as us."

embracingpanels whispered:
"Can't you carry the radio around?" looks over at it, "He used to like summer walks, right? Maybe one day he can do it again."

"I don’t know if I can. I’m sure he would love it, but if something happens and he disappears…"

The AI shook his head. Nightmare fuel.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Mhm, well her universe seems pretty safe. It's peaceful. You should make a few trips, or peek around til you're comfortable." She nodded a few times, "Yeaaah I think after that cupcake incident I'll be avoiding him like the plague." Wonders, "Do you think your dad can go there with you? Or is he like, stuck here."

He pondered that.

"He seems connected to the radio in the other morgue. At first I thought it was his urn, but… Well, I could still be wrong. And I know he’s getting stronger. But I don’t know what the extent of his reach is. I’m afraid to test it."

embracingpanels whispered:
"She's adorable, that one. Er, for a robot child; little on the creepy side but yeah, adorable for sure." Sports a smug grin, "I feel more safe then I have lately. No testing, everyone else seems to tolerate me better, and I think as long as I avoid that red-haired spaz I'll be good." laughs, "Everyone else pretty has gone insane though, totally freaked out. Me? Eh." she shrugged. "I would like a nice place on the surface, God, Ellie has the best house. Something like that one day." smiles.

"Does she?" He smiled.

"I don’t like going outside, I don’t have any stable data confirming my safety. But Dad loved it in the summer. He used to go out for walks until he got the limp in his leg. I just hope it’s nice for you, too."

On a more serious note…

"I would most certainly avoid the Emotion Sphere. I have no doubt that he would wish to cause you harm."

embracingpanels whispered:
Smiles a little more, is eager about it, and hopeful. "I can feed her probably." won't go into specifics, of course, but would be a mum! Vaccines? Didn't even think of that, ugh. But, ain't this place like amazingly advanced? Could probably find cures or something. "Claude? Heh, he doesn't seem like the kind that'd like kids." Oh, that other little girl! "I bet your kiddo would love a playmate, mhm?" grins. How fun! This was a much better conversation; life vs death? Life wins for sure.

"I’m sure she would take very good care of her." He chuckled. Lydia would be overjoyed.

"As far as medical issues, I’ll help in any way I can. I’m sure some way or another, this will all work out… I was thinking. Perhaps you should search for a new multiverse, one that isn’t trying to kill you.”

embracingpanels whispered:
Dwells on her thoughts for a moment, "I've.. been using the machine in the infirmary upstairs a lot. Not that I know much about what to look for, but it moves." she smiled a bit, looking perhaps a little worried. I mean, she'd have to explain shit eventually, but right now? He had enough freaky things going on to deal with even more, "I hope it's a little girl." she grinned.

"That would be delightful. Having a little girl in Aperture would certainly brighten things… Though, I’m not quite sure how we’ll keep her here. She needs food, nourishment, ah… I’ll see what I can do on my end."

We don’t have any vaccines here. But then again, I don’t think we have a lot of diseases here either. Ghostdad chimed in.

She should be okay if you remain vigilant. I’m sure your friend the Reassembly Machine would be happy to help you.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Can see why you'd you wanna look up stuff like you do. Maybe, I don't know, protection circles or something." has no idea about the supernatural, just bits of whatever she came across. And, sudden change in subject? "Oh, ah, hm. Kind of afraid to pick to one, so no."

Could see why she was afraid. If she grew attached and lost it…

"Do you want me to check on things? Or do you feel alright?"

He didn’t really want to go back to all that scary stuff, no. People who could phase through walls like that… Ick.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Your dad is afraid of him?" eyes the room as if hoping to catch a glimpse, "Guess it makes sense." little bit weirded out.

"…Reapers take souls."

He seemed afraid of the idea as well. Doesn’t want his dad to disappear.

"…How is, erm… Do you have a name for it yet?"

embracingpanels whispered:
Rubs out some goosebumps, "You don't need to apologize for being pissed. Anyone would be upset about that." doesn't seem to terribly happy about the fact he was being bullied, or his creepy ass ghost friend, soul, spiritness or whatever may be hanging around. Either way. "I'd offer to kick his ass for ya' but I don't think that'd work out well, heh."

"I would take you up on that offer if I thought it would work, too." He sighed.

"Now I need to start looking into spirits, and spells, and all that sort of nonsense. I’m sure my father would laugh at me, but I think he’s afraid of him… This was a man who stood up to Johnson at an executive board meeting. It’s, not very comforting."