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"You can use whatever is in the cleaning cabinet… Why?"

embracingpanels whispered:
"Erm, yeah I suppose that would be, bad." that would crush Morbid if something did happen, she was sure. She gave him a smile anyways, "Still, maybe one day. No reason not to hope."

"…Right. Perhaps when he’s ready, he’ll let me know."

Morbid relaxed into the couch, hair in all sorts of messy.

"Family is a wonderful thing. From what he said, I was the only family he had. I only hope the relationship with your child is as strong as us."

embracingpanels whispered:
"Can't you carry the radio around?" looks over at it, "He used to like summer walks, right? Maybe one day he can do it again."

"I don’t know if I can. I’m sure he would love it, but if something happens and he disappears…"

The AI shook his head. Nightmare fuel.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Mhm, well her universe seems pretty safe. It's peaceful. You should make a few trips, or peek around til you're comfortable." She nodded a few times, "Yeaaah I think after that cupcake incident I'll be avoiding him like the plague." Wonders, "Do you think your dad can go there with you? Or is he like, stuck here."

He pondered that.

"He seems connected to the radio in the other morgue. At first I thought it was his urn, but… Well, I could still be wrong. And I know he’s getting stronger. But I don’t know what the extent of his reach is. I’m afraid to test it."

embracingpanels whispered:
"She's adorable, that one. Er, for a robot child; little on the creepy side but yeah, adorable for sure." Sports a smug grin, "I feel more safe then I have lately. No testing, everyone else seems to tolerate me better, and I think as long as I avoid that red-haired spaz I'll be good." laughs, "Everyone else pretty has gone insane though, totally freaked out. Me? Eh." she shrugged. "I would like a nice place on the surface, God, Ellie has the best house. Something like that one day." smiles.

"Does she?" He smiled.

"I don’t like going outside, I don’t have any stable data confirming my safety. But Dad loved it in the summer. He used to go out for walks until he got the limp in his leg. I just hope it’s nice for you, too."

On a more serious note…

"I would most certainly avoid the Emotion Sphere. I have no doubt that he would wish to cause you harm."

embracingpanels whispered:
Smiles a little more, is eager about it, and hopeful. "I can feed her probably." won't go into specifics, of course, but would be a mum! Vaccines? Didn't even think of that, ugh. But, ain't this place like amazingly advanced? Could probably find cures or something. "Claude? Heh, he doesn't seem like the kind that'd like kids." Oh, that other little girl! "I bet your kiddo would love a playmate, mhm?" grins. How fun! This was a much better conversation; life vs death? Life wins for sure.

"I’m sure she would take very good care of her." He chuckled. Lydia would be overjoyed.

"As far as medical issues, I’ll help in any way I can. I’m sure some way or another, this will all work out… I was thinking. Perhaps you should search for a new multiverse, one that isn’t trying to kill you.”

embracingpanels whispered:
Dwells on her thoughts for a moment, "I've.. been using the machine in the infirmary upstairs a lot. Not that I know much about what to look for, but it moves." she smiled a bit, looking perhaps a little worried. I mean, she'd have to explain shit eventually, but right now? He had enough freaky things going on to deal with even more, "I hope it's a little girl." she grinned.

"That would be delightful. Having a little girl in Aperture would certainly brighten things… Though, I’m not quite sure how we’ll keep her here. She needs food, nourishment, ah… I’ll see what I can do on my end."

We don’t have any vaccines here. But then again, I don’t think we have a lot of diseases here either. Ghostdad chimed in.

She should be okay if you remain vigilant. I’m sure your friend the Reassembly Machine would be happy to help you.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Can see why you'd you wanna look up stuff like you do. Maybe, I don't know, protection circles or something." has no idea about the supernatural, just bits of whatever she came across. And, sudden change in subject? "Oh, ah, hm. Kind of afraid to pick to one, so no."

Could see why she was afraid. If she grew attached and lost it…

"Do you want me to check on things? Or do you feel alright?"

He didn’t really want to go back to all that scary stuff, no. People who could phase through walls like that… Ick.

embracingpanels whispered:
"Your dad is afraid of him?" eyes the room as if hoping to catch a glimpse, "Guess it makes sense." little bit weirded out.

"…Reapers take souls."

He seemed afraid of the idea as well. Doesn’t want his dad to disappear.

"…How is, erm… Do you have a name for it yet?"

embracingpanels whispered:
Rubs out some goosebumps, "You don't need to apologize for being pissed. Anyone would be upset about that." doesn't seem to terribly happy about the fact he was being bullied, or his creepy ass ghost friend, soul, spiritness or whatever may be hanging around. Either way. "I'd offer to kick his ass for ya' but I don't think that'd work out well, heh."

"I would take you up on that offer if I thought it would work, too." He sighed.

"Now I need to start looking into spirits, and spells, and all that sort of nonsense. I’m sure my father would laugh at me, but I think he’s afraid of him… This was a man who stood up to Johnson at an executive board meeting. It’s, not very comforting."

embracingpanels whispered:
Sits up straight, "Wow okay." wasn't expecting all that. And a reaper? Oh. "Yeaaah, I've met him. Creepy ass dude. Was he bothering you or something? Would think you'd two get along or something."

"We’re certainly not friends… He kept poking around my friends. None of us were happy with him in the slightest, and if he ever comes back they’ll be sure to show him out forcefully."

The air got a little colder…

"…I apologize. I’m rather angry about the whole thing."


Kane growled, the whites of his eyes turning black and leaking liquid shadow. His coat seemed to bubble and spew shadow as well. “You little chimera fuckwit…” he seethed. “How DARE you try to command me.” He shouted, unstrapping his scythe and brandishing it. He was about to hold it up and strike, but he caught himself. Instead, he grabbed the blade and cut his hand open.

His body bubbled even more violently at the pain, but his face showed an insane expression of joy. He spun, lashing his arm out towards the wall of corpse lockers, covering them with liquid shadow. The moment the shadow hit the wall, it began to melt into it, moving, changing, morphing into the shape of a giant black sickle.

Kane turned back toward the android. “I win.” He said, his voice dangerously calm, before his body began to melt into the floor. Within seconds, the reaper was gone.

Well. That was terrifying, to say the least. Upon threat of the scythe, Morbid ducked under the wall of angry shadows that rose up and hissed at the reaper. When he left his seal and vanished, they went over to the drawers that housed their bodies once, and tried eating away the vile magic stained on its doors.

The ghost in the radio came out to make sure everything was alright again—that was quite a show. He put a hand on Morbid’s shoulder.

Now, the AI had to research… whatever it was that just happened.

(Source: morbiditycore)


Kane looked thoughtful for a moment. Well, he supposed it was true that demons and necromancers used scythes, but… When the scythe was such an obvious symbol for the grim reaper, why would you even consider the others? He thought a bit deeper and remembered that the four horsemen were often confused for reapers, and their symbols were scales, a sword, a bow and arrow, and a scythe… And the one who wielded the scythe was known as Death.

"…A reaper." He said, surprisingly not bothering to sound condescending or argumentative. Hey, Kane may have been a douche and extremely arrogant, but even he knew when to concede a point.

"I’m a reaper. Which means I reap…" He paused for the barest of moments. "…Souls. And you seem to have a lot of souls in here." He said, his lips twisting into an ugly sneer. It was a bluff, but Morbid didn’t need to know that. Kane actually couldn’t (or rather, wouldn’t) do anything to the anchored souls. They were some of the only things capable of actually harming a reaper, so he tended to avoid them.

"You won’t touch anyone in here." Morbid stated firmly. Those little souls rose from the ground, forming together in twisted, horrible shades. And they made it clear to the reaper that they would attack if he didn’t behave. (That much, the AI could not discern.)

"Reaper or not, you’re intruding in on my home, my friends, and my family. And if you don’t behave yourself, you won’t be welcome here. You’ll have to follow the rules, as everyone else who walks in here does. I’ve been guarding this place since 1981, and I will continue to keep people like you out. Leave.”

(Source: morbiditycore)



Kane sighed and ugly, annoyed sigh. “Y’know, after meeting the blue one, I may have let my expectations of this place get a bit too high. Even the central psychopath didn’t know who I was, and apparently she is supposed to be a supercomputer.” He ranted.

The reaper raised his arms and gestured to himself. “Scythe, all black, red eyes, came into this room without any sound or trace…? Tell me, what am I?” Kane asked, obviously trying to lead Morbid to an answer. Every now and then, Kane’s eyes darted to the anchored souls. Did he look… afraid of them?

Why Morbid decided to oblige him, he didn’t know. But there he was, searching through his archives under ‘Supernatural’.

"A lot of searches come up for ‘all black, red eyes, suddenly appear.’ However when the scythe is added, the following results spurn: Demon, Ghoul, Grim Reaper, Necromancer, Wraith."

Well, that would be why his little souls were so protective over him. This guy was bad news.

"I’m to assume you are one of those?"

embracingpanels whispered:
*shuffles into the morgue; such an exhausting week!* Everyone has official gone insane. Is this normal? Is this why they kill us humans? *collapses into a chair*

"Technically, we didn’t have anything resembling sanity. We follow a queue—that queue does not distinguish what action the AI takes as right or wrong, but instead on what is possible.

"So in relative terms, every walking AI here is a high-functioning sociopath. Make of that what you will."

He flopped into the chair next to her.

"Have you seen someone around calling himself a ‘reaper’? He broke into my morgue. From the cameras, it seemed like he just… teleported in. At least your problems are ones you can physically stop.”