Morbid's HTML layout Please, don't touch the examining tables.


Ellie started packing a basket for her trip to Morbid’s morgue. She had been busy with visitors and financial things on the farm and hadn’t been able to go deliver food to him and Craig. As she leaves to go through the multiverse portal, she has a nagging feeling that she forgot something.

She shrugs the feeling off, making her way to Morbid’s and poking her head in. “Morbid? Are you in?”

There on the operating table was something only describable as a big ball of plaster, with Morbid hooking fasteners around it to keep it in shape. Whatever was in it was probably the size of Ellie, if Ellie were a small elephant.

"I am indeed! Good to see you dear. Please, give me a moment."

He was certainly messy—glue, bits of newspaper, and smears of dried plaster were all over him and his apron.


(Art commissioned by the wonderful, gorgeous Ty for my birthday, gifted a day early. Many, many thanks to her, and to the artist of this brilliant piece, Angi)


Haven’t done a Munday in a loooong time. So have a co-munday with my adorable girlfriend Frickmod (left)

Anonymous whispered:
"She's good." Sits up some on her elbow, "That bird is tough as hell."

"That she is."

Something of a smile? Or was that a frown? Maybe a happy frown, or a sad smile?

"I’m going to go back to bed, if you need nothing more."

Anonymous whispered:
Grumbles, "She came onto me." huffs- ow. "She's um, really persuasive." And soft.


Sighs. Doesn’t really want to go into it further.

"In either case, rest is needed. Is she okay?"

Anonymous whispered:
Stares at him. Eyes away, "Too friendly with a bird."

"…You mean to say that you had, relations, with a… bird with the capability to do tha…"

…Wait a minute.

"…Why you would contact Ally with such intentions, while in bird form, is… Well, it’s extremely idiotic."

Anonymous whispered:
Mumbles something about sexy birds.

"I… beg your pardon?"

Was she half-asleep still?

Anonymous whispered:
"Pft. Wish it was."

"Then, what did happen?"

Anonymous whispered:
Sits up realllly slow, sips the water, "Feel. Down. A lot." Maybe off a cliff given her injuries. Total lie, almost sounds joking in her tone.

"…I, see."

He gave Cat a look.

"Is that really what happened?"

Anonymous whispered:
Thinks, feels, "Sore." Shakes her head, offering a gentle grin. Feels okay, other thsn what you might expect. Does want to puke but didn't eat lately. Porbably a good thing. "How, nng, how long it take?"

"Give it at least five days."

A beaker of water was fetched for her.

"How did you get yourself into this mess?"

Anonymous whispered:
Slowly opens her eyes with a hiss, quickly covering them, babbling something about being nauseous, "The fff-.." is okay! "Mmmorning."

The lights were dimmed a bit.

"Good morning. I’m not going to ask how you feel—I won’t get a good answer. But does anything particularly bother you? Any specific pains?"

Anonymous whispered:
Had no intention of telling why, may wind up worse. Er, being picked up felt unhappy, but well, the hall was no place for fixing things. "Thaaank." Stares at the ceiling while waiting, no verbal complaints.

Aha, there is was. Morbid began tinkering immediately. How one human could get so banged up on a regular basis was beyond him.

* * *

A good eight hours was enough recovery for speaking purposes, right?

"Catherine? Can you hear me?"

embracingpanels whispered:
Is the best stupid choices, yup. Is such a mess, but looks oddly happy with herself. Probably a few fractures in there somewhere. Blood though. "Hiiii."

Good lord woman, what have you done this time?

*Screw the doctor’s bag, this needed an operation. As gently as he could, he picked her up and put her on the examining table.*

You know what? Tell me afterward.

*Chloroform, where was that chloroform?*

embracingpanels whispered:
Stumbles into the door, not through it, actually right into it, "Need'a baaaandaiiiid~" slides down the door.

*Just, goes to get the doctor’s bag. The stupidity is strong with this one.*